LiveWell Integrated Health Website

The Factory Advertising recently redesigned and launched the website for LiveWell Integrated Health. LiveWell Integrated Health was looking for a firm to build a site that would enable the administrators of the site to be able to easily update content, videos, and photos. In addition, the visitors to the site need to be able to find the information they are looking for!

The Factory Advertising worked with the client to establish and create their brand and convey that in the design and navigation of the site. In our discussions with the client, we identified a number of additional goals: to grow our customer base for each of the services they provide while building their brand and awareness and positioning them as the leader in the marketplace. In addition to featuring the services being provided, a blog has been added, which the owners of LiveWell Integrated Health will maintain.

If you are looking for a group focused on teaching and educating their patients to LIVE healthier every day by making choices that positively impact your lives, LiveWell Integrated Health is the place. Making better choices leads to improved mental and physical health. We choose the food we eat, the amount we exercise, the work we do, and more. With the help of our expert practitioners, we will help you choose to Live Well every day, at LiveWell Integrated Health